First Sunday after Christmas: New Year’s Eve

Presentation of our Lord
Jesus is presented in the Jerusalem temple, as Mary kneels with the sacrifice of two birds (Luke 2:22-24) and Joseph stands behind her. The righteous Simeon holds the infant Jesus (left; v.28), and the prophetess Anna stands nearby with her hands folded in a prayer of thanksgiving to God (vv. 36-38). From a book explaining the Epistles and Gospels by Martin Luther (1540).

Lessons: Isaiah 11:1-5, Galatians 4:1-7, Luke 2:21-40
Hymns: LSB 367, 385, 733, 899, 390

Listen to the entire service here (the sermon alone is above).

No sermon manuscript. Sermon by Rev. David Federwitz of Lutheran Bible Translators. Listen to the audio above.